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When orders sync to ShippingEasy, the recipient addresses are run through a verification system. Both domestic and international addresses are checked for validity. If an address cannot be validated, it will be flagged invalid.

Domestic Addresses

ShippingEasy validates domestic addresses using the USPS address validation tool. This system sometimes allows ShippingEasy to suggest a correction if the recipient address is detected as a known address.

International Addresses

International addresses in ShippingEasy are validated through the Melissa Data Global Address Check Tool. The Melissa Data locates and corrects inaccurate or missing address information and supports lookups in 10 languages.

An address that has been validated will look similar to these:

Valid Address

Invalid Address

On the ORDERS Page

Order details show an invalid recipient address. There is an alert that says Invalid recipient address could not be verified

On the BATCHES Page


Using an Invalid Address vs. Correcting the Address

If an address is invalid, you can manually review the address to correct errors or use a suggested valid address from ShippingEasy.

Invalid Address: "Use Anyway"

Printing a label for an address that cannot be validated is possible. However, if you use an address that cannot be verified, you are taking the risk that the package may not be delivered. We recommend contacting the buyer to confirm the correct address before assuming any risk.

ShippingEasy can help you correct domestic address errors automatically in many instances. You must first grant ShippingEasy permission to correct address issues automatically. Automation options include:

  • Standardize addresses and correct errors: Corrects ZIP codes, city name misspellings, and punctuation. Permission for this automation is granted on a per-store basis.

  • Always use suggested address: ShippingEasy will suggest a valid address when there is a close match to an invalid domestic address. Suggested addresses may be accepted on a per-order basis or accepted automatically for all invalid domestic addresses.

You can find invalid addresses on the ORDERS page via the "Address Type" filter, the "Address" column or the Order Details slide out.

"Address Type" filter

"Address" column

Order Details view


Accept or Fix an Invalid Address

When an address cannot be validated, you must either fix or accept the invalid address before you can create a label on the ORDERS page. This step ensures that you have reviewed the address and accepted the risk of using invalid addresses.

Click Use Anyway under the Recipient in the Order Details slide out to accept the invalid address.

the order details slide out with an invalid ship-to address. The option to Use Anyway is marked

Click Fix under the Recipient Address in the Order Details to fix an invalid address.

the order details slide out that have an invalid recipient address. The button Fix is marked

Make any changes necessary to validate the address, then click the Update Order button to save your changes.

Use Melissa Data to Correct an International Address

To correct an invalid international address:

  1. Open the Melissa Data Global Address Check Tool.

  2. Enter the street address and country, then click Submit.

    Melissa Data address verification submit button highlighted
  3. Review the corrected address suggestion and decide if you want to use it for your shipment.

    Melissa Data address verified result highlighted

Result Codes

Melissa will include a Result Code that gives you more information on the original address error. The image above shows the Result Code AE10. See more information on Melissa Data Global Address Verification Result Codes.

Automatically Correct Addresses

For faster processing, you can automate the acceptance of valid addresses. You can select to do this on the ORDERS page or the AUTOMATIONS page. Once selected, ShippingEasy will apply the suggested address to any future order with an address that cannot be validated. Learn more about automatically correcting domestic address errors.

To automatically use the suggested address on the ORDERS page:

  1. Click Use Suggested for the suggested recipient address to correct the invalid address.

    the order details with an invalid recipient address. A popup message shows that USPS has suggested a corrected address. The button to use suggested is marked

    You will then be prompted to Always use the suggested address. Always using suggested addresses will automate this process for all future orders.

  2. Click the Always use suggested button.


To automatically use the suggested address on the AUTOMATIONS page:

  1. Click Always use Suggested Address. Your updated settings will be automatically saved and applied to future orders.

    Always use suggested address option marked on Automations page

Automatically Apply Address Corrections to Orders from a Specific Store

ShippingEasy can automatically apply suggested address corrections to all orders from a specific store. This feature can be enabled in your STORES & ORDERS settings.

Check the option to Automatically standardize and correct all domestic addresses when verified under the Orders tab. Click the Save button to update your settings.

Checkbox next to Auto standardize addresses on Orders tab


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