Set Up Packing Slips | How To

Like Labels, Packing Slips are a vital part of the shipping process. They keep you well organized, make your process more efficient, and are appreciated by your customers.

This article will:

  • Introduce you to the prebuilt Packing Slips in ShippingEasy

  • Assist you with selecting the Packing Slip(s) that work best for you

  • Walk you through assigning the default Packing Slip(s) that print for domestic and/or international orders

  • Configure the label format used to print your Packing Slips

  • Give you links to articles covering more advanced Packing Slip configuration

To configure packing slips in ShippingEasy , you will need to be logged in as the account owner or as a user with permission to SETTINGS.

Prebuilt Packing Slips

ShippingEasy comes with prebuilt packing slips that can be used to get up and running quickly. Packing slips are available in two different sizes and two different orientations, giving you a total of 4 formats:

  • 4"x6" landscape

  • 8.5"x11" landscape

  • 8.5"x11" portrait

  • 8.5"x11" portrait with a combined label

Identify Packing Slips that Work for You

Preview the prebuilt Packing Slips to identify the ones that work best for your workflow:

  1. Click the New Template button.

    Click on the New Template button.
  2. Preview the ShippingEasy templates in the "Prebuilt Templates" section of the CREATE NEW PACKING SLIP TEMPLATE page to find a template that will work for you.

    Use the Preview Sizes option to view any template in different sizes and orientations.

    Packing slip in preview mode marked

Create a New Packing Slip Template

You can customize a packing slip to include specific details for your customers' orders. Learn more about creating a new Packing Slip template.

Assign the Default Packing Slip(s)

Once you have located the Packing Slip that will work for your workflow, assign the Packing Slip(s) as the default(s). Making a template a default tells ShippingEasy to use this template any time packing slips are printed.

  1. While previewing a template, check the Domestic and/or International option under "Make this the default template".

    Template option to make this the default template with the options domestic and International
  2. Enter a name for the template in the "Template Name" field. Feel free to leave the name as-is or to enter your own name.

    Packing Slip template name field
  3. Click the Create Template button.

    The template will be saved, and the screen will refresh the PACKING SLIPS page. Your default Packing Slip template will be listed under "Packing Slip Templates" and denoted as a domestic and/or international "Default".

    Packing slip create template button marked
    Template indicated as both domestic and international default.

Use Shipping Rules to Print Packing Slips

Did you know you can create Shipping Rules to print unique packing slips for each store? You can.

Configure ShippingEasy to Print Packing Slips

You can buy and print your labels and Packing Slips together from the ORDERS page using Buy Labels, or from the BATCHES page using Buy & Print Label. Learn more about buying and printing labels and packing slips simultaneously.

If you intend to print labels and Packing Slips using Buy Labels from the ORDERS page, you will first need to specify what label format to use.

  1. Select from the following label formats for printing Packing Slips and Labels. If you ship internationally, select the label formats for both domestic and international labels.

    Domestic format options for labels and packing slips
    Format options for international labels and packing slips
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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