View Adjustments for UPS One Balance

If you notice that the amount of your UPS One Balance funds is different than what you expected, it could be that an amount was debited or credited from your account to cover the difference in the cost of the label. This happens when things like package dimensions are entered incorrectly.

If the amount is underpaid, a debit will be made to cover the difference. If the amount is overpaid, a credit will be issued. These debits and credits will be shown as "Adjustments" in the account, our label server. Adjustments will post 1-2 weeks after delivery.

How To View Adjustments for a UPS One Balance Account

  1. Click on online reports (hyperlinked text) under the One Balance account.

    This link will open a new window that takes you to the Stamps reporting page.

    Box highlights Online Reports link in UI
  2. Open the Report Type dropdown menu and select Transactions.

    Box highlights Transactions option under Reports Type menu
  3. Scroll down to find the date the transaction took place and view any corresponding adjustments.

  4. Click on the Adjustment ID link for that transaction to see the details of the fund adjustment.

    Adjustment Type: "not previously billed CANADA residential delivery surcharge”

    The adjustment type "not previously billed CANADA residential delivery surcharge” is a generic surcharge name for all international shipments, not just shipments to Canada. Whenever there is an international residential delivery surcharge that was not billed, this adjustment type will display.

If you would like to dispute the adjustments shown on the transaction list, you can contact for assistance. Adjustments may only be disputed 90 days from the delivery date.



It would be nice to actually get a response back.  I emailed support about adjustments and I got no response.  It has been 6 days so far with silence.

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