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Can I mark an order as shipped without purchasing a label?

Yes! If you have orders that are drop-shipped, picked up in-store, or processed by a third party, you can opt to select and mark these as Shipped. Learn more.

How does drop shipping affect my subscription?

Orders marked as shipped will count towards your monthly label use.

Can I connect third party drop shippers to ShippingEasy?

Yes. You can connect third-party drop shippers by setting up a shipping rule that automatically filters orders handled by a third party and bill them accordingly. Learn more.

Can I send orders to Amazon for fulfillment?

Yes! Customers who use Fulfillment by Amazon can enable orders to be sent directly to FBA once they hit your orders page. Learn more.

Can I add a tracking number to drop-shipped orders?

Yes, you can do this on the ORDERS page. Learn more.

Can I notify my customers or store when orders are drop shipped?

No, and yes.

Notifying Customers:

ShippingEasy does not send you or your customer a Shipment Confirmation e-mail for drop shipped ("Mark as Shipped") orders. Only orders with labels generated in ShippingEasy will receive the Shipment Confirmation email.

Notifying Store:

Using "Marked as Shipped" does update your SHIPMENT HISTORY page and your website with the tracking number.

Can I set up Automated Campaigns for drop-shipped orders?

For Drop shipped orders, we can trigger automated emails for orders that have downloaded but not delivered or shipped. Learn more about setting up an Automated Campaign.

Do orders marked as shipped deduct stock from Inventory?

Yes, orders marked as shipped on the Orders page will impact total inventory counts. Once the order is marked as shipped, any SKUs that are included will move from committed to selling.

Learn how inventory levels are determined in ShippingEasy.


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