Download My ShippingEasy Invoices | How To

The ShippingEasy Subscription & Billing page allows you to quickly and easily review, and/or update your existing billing information, as well as download your past subscription, email, and insurance invoices.

Types of invoices:

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Insurance

  • Email Bundles

  • Amazon Label Fee


All invoices listed in ShippingEasy have been already been paid and no outstanding amounts are due.

How to download your past invoices:

  1. Select the "Invoices" tab.

    Invoices tab highlighted on Subscription and billing page
  2. Review your past invoices and select:

    1. The paper icon to view and/or print an invoice.

      Icon of paper sheet for invoices, found on subscription and billing page
    2. The downwards arrow icon to download and save an invoice.

      Download arrow icon

You're done!


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