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ShippingEasy's Buy Labels feature allows you to purchase many labels in less than three clicks. Using the automation that you build to provide rate quotes on your orders, you can select which orders you're ready to ship, then purchase labels - all from the ORDERS page. Learn more about buying labels in ShippingEasy.


If an order has a Shipping Preset assigned by a Shipping Rule, then ShippingEasy will try to get a rate quote. If the rate quote is successful, a label can be purchased from the ORDERS page by selecting the order and then clicking the Buy Label(s) button.

Multiple orders can be selected at once, regardless of different Shipping Presets. Buy Labels offers all of the benefits of batching without the need to make sure all orders are being shipped the same way.


Once the Buy Labels button is selected, a window displays to confirm the postage purchase amount. Click Buy and your labels will print to your selected printer. If you have selected a label format that does not include packing slips, you can choose to print packing slips when you print your labels.


Below are answers to common questions about Buy Labels.

Why is the Buy Labels option missing from the buttons at the top of the ORDERS page?

ShippingEasy provides two options for using the ORDERS page: Advanced View and Standard View. The Buy Labels button is only visible in the Advanced View. Learn more about Advanced View vs. Simple View.

To switch from the Simple View to Advanced View, click the More drop-down button and select Switch to Advanced View.


Will labels be sent directly to my printer or to my print queue?

It depends on whether or not you have integrated your printer with ShippingEasy via our printing application ConnectEasy.

Can I see if a rate quote was obtained?

Yes. There is an optional column on the ORDERS page titled Rate which will display the rate quote. Learn how to customize which columns are displayed.

  • If a rate quote is obtained: The rate is shown in the Rate column.

  • If no rate is available: The Rate column will show "No Rate."

  • If an error prevented a rate quote from being obtained: An error indicator is shown; click the indicator to see more details.



To obtain UPS One Balance rates, make sure you have a phone number listed in your Account Details.

Can I filter my orders for just those with a successful rate quote?

Yes. Click the More Filters option on the ORDERS page and select Rate Quote. The With a rate quote option filters orders to display only those that returned a successful rate quote. Learn more about filtering orders.


Can I see which Shipping Preset has been applied to an order?

Yes. There is an optional column on the ORDERS page titled Shipping Preset which will indicate which Shipping Preset has been applied to each order via your Shipping Rules or from a previous selection. Learn how to customize which columns are displayed.

  • If a Shipping Preset has been applied to an order: The name of the Shipping Preset will appear in this column. Any rate quotes shown will be for the specified Shipping Preset.

  • If no Shipping Preset has been applied: The Shipping Preset column will indicate a Recommendation or Previous selection.


Can I automatically advance the date of my labels when using Buy Labels?

Yes. An advanced label date will be automatically applied if you are using a shipping cut-off time in your account profile settings. Learn how to automatically advance dates on shipping labels.

ShippingEasy will display the Est. Label Date at the top of the Buy Labels window.


Can I filter my shipments by purchase batch?

Yes. Groups of labels purchased together via Buy Labels will be assigned a Batch ID. The Batch ID for Buy Labels purchases will always end in the letter "P".

The Batch ID can be searched from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more about searching and filtering orders on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.


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