Process Gift Orders in ShippingEasy | How To

When your customer indicates that an order is a gift, ShippingEasy makes it easy to process that order. This article will assist you with locating gift orders, viewing gift messages, and with customizing gift order emails and packing slips.

Currently, gift order support is available for the following platforms:

  • Amazon

  • AmeriCommerce

  • BigCommerce

  • Magento

  • PayPal

  • Volusion

Find Gift Orders and View Messages on the Orders Page

Find Gift Orders

Gift Order Icon

Gift orders are indicated with a gift box icon to the left of the order number.

Gift icon next to order number

Filter Only Gift Orders

Apply a filter on the ORDERS page to view only gift orders.

  1. Click the More Filters link.

    More Filters link on orders page highlighted
  2. Expand the Notes filter.

  3. Check the box to the left of Gift.

    Even if your customer only selected a gift option without actually typing in a specific message, selecting the Gift filter will still result in the order being included.


The ORDERS page will now only display gift orders.

Saved Views

If you regularly filter for Gift orders, with or without other filters, consider setting up a Saved View. Learn more about Saved Views.

View Gift Order Messages

Click on the order number to open the order details which will include any gift message that was requested by your customer.

Order details with a gift message.

Multiple Orders

Add the Gift Message column to the ORDERS page to see gift messages without the need for any additional clicks or popups. Learn more about organizing and viewing orders on the ORDERS page.

Customize Gift Order Email Notifications and Packing Slips

Create Custom Templates for Gift Orders

packing slip and email notification templates to add a gift message and/or exclude price information. Learn more about customizing Packing Slip templates and confirmation emails.

Add a Gift Message to a Template

  1. Place the cursor in the template where you would like the gift message to appear.

  2. Expand the Shipment Variables menu.

  3. Select Gift Message

    Custom Email Template menu showing Gift Message variable

    Alternatively, you can type the ShippingEasy variable {{shipment.gift_message}} where you would like the gift message to appear.

    The Gift Message spacing will consume up to 3-4 lines, at minimum, to help showcase the message.

Apply Your Template with Shipping Rules

Did you know that you can apply your gift template automatically for orders marked as a gift? You can.


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