Manage Orders with Multiple Recipients | How To

Multiple Recipient Orders

Multiple Recipient orders are only supported on BigCommerce.

ShippingEasy gives you the ability to split orders destined for multiple recipients. The order will show up on ShippingEasy as an order with multiple recipients, which you will be required to split. You will notice the order will have an red triangle icon with an exclamation point inside of it icon denoting that an action is required.

Expand the order by clicking on the blue Multiple Items link under the 'Item Name' column. You will see the order expand and itemize. To split the order, select the orders going to the same recipient. Be sure to select the orders going to the same recipient before selecting the Split Orders button.

Split the multi recipient order.

Continue the process for the remaining items in the order, and they will split accordingly into separate orders. Once split, process each order individually.

Recipient Limit

There is a limit of 50 recipients per order.


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