Setup Automatic Refills for my One Balance Account | How To

Automatic refills allow you to add more funds whenever your balance falls below a certain level. Learn how to view your One Balance account funds.

You can set your auto-refill level and the minimum balance that will trigger the refill when one of these actions occurs:

  • A label purchase depletes your balance below the minimum.

  • A user views the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS settings page and the funds are below the selected threshold.

By default, you may have a maximum balance of $10,000 for your One Balance account. If the Refill amount plus the Minimum balance exceeds $10,000, then the auto-refill will fail. We recommend setting the Refill amount to $9,900 or less and the Minimum balance to $100 or less. Auto-Funding

If you already have your auto-fund settings in configured, enabling automatic refills in ShippingEasy may result in twice the charges when refilling your postage balance and/or label failures in ShippingEasy. Learn how to refill your balance via

To enable automatic refills of your One Balance account:

  1. Locate your ShippingEasy One Balance account and move the toggle to ON next to Automatically refill my balance.

    Box highlights toggle shown activated to automatically refill account balance
  2. Select your preferred values for the following options:

    • When the balance falls below: this triggers the refill.

    • Add the following amount: this will be purchased.

    Box highlights refill drop downs for When Balance Falls Below, and Add following amount fields
  3. Click the Save button below your auto-refill values. The next time you reach the minimum balance, your account will be replenished automatically.


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