Setup Automatic Refills for my One Balance Account | How To

Automatic refills allow you to add more funds whenever your balance falls below a certain level. Learn how to view your One Balance account funds.

You can set your auto-refill level and the minimum balance that will trigger the refill when one of these actions occurs:

  • A label purchase depletes your balance below the minimum.

  • A user views the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS settings page and the funds are below the selected threshold.

By default, you may have a maximum balance of $10,000 for your One Balance account. If the Refill amount plus the Minimum balance exceeds $10,000, then the auto-refill will fail. We recommend setting the Refill amount to $9,900 or less and the Minimum balance to $100 or less. Auto-Funding

If you already have your auto-fund settings in configured, enabling automatic refills in ShippingEasy may result in twice the charges when refilling your postage balance and/or label failures in ShippingEasy. Learn how to refill your balance via

To enable automatic refills of your One Balance account:

  1. Locate your ShippingEasy One Balance account and move the toggle to ON next to Automatically refill my balance.

  2. Select your preferred values for the following options:

    • When the balance falls below: this triggers the refill.

    • Add the following amount: this will be purchased.

  3. Click the Save button below your auto-refill values. The next time you reach the minimum balance, your account will be replenished automatically.


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