Batching Labels and Shipments | FAQs

Batching is the process of selecting two or more orders from the ORDERS page that share the same shipping selections and printing labels for them all at one time. For a more detailed look at batch shipping, view our step by step guide on creating a batch shipment. 

Where can I find labels that I have batched?

If you have already grouped a batch of labels to print in the "Print Queue" then this batch will stay in the print queue for up to 72 hours.

If you would like more information on how to group up a batch of labels to print, view our guide on printing labels.

How can I reprint a batch of labels?

To reprint, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. To reprint a batch of labels, hover over the SHIPMENTS tab from any page in your  ShippingEasy account. Select READY TO PRINT.
  2. Once you are there, locate the batch you would like to reprint from the "Batch History'" section and hit on the Reprint button to the right of the print job.

A new tab will open up with a PDF containing the batch of labels for you to print. All of your orders and batches that have been printed will move to this queue for 72 hours after printing for you to be able to select and reprint.

If I cancel a label in a batch, will it still print with the rest of the batch?

Yes. All labels originally included in the batch will be printed anytime you choose to print the batch. However, any label that has been cancelled should not be used. If the label refund has not been processed, the refund will be denied if the label is used. If the label has been refunded, then the shipment may not be delivered.

Learn more about mailing cancelled labels.

Can I add signature confirmation to a label in a batch?

For a single label in a batch of shipments, you cannot add a signature. However, you can select to add signature confirmation to the batch of labels on the READY TO SHIP page.

How can I edit orders in a batch?

For individual orders in a batch, you can edit the shipping address. You can edit the carrier and service for the group of orders in a batch. Learn how.

Can I edit the weight for an order in a batch?

You have the option to override the weight for the batch of orders. Learn how.

Can I add insurance to a batch of labels?

Yes, you can add insurance to batch labels on READY TO SHIP. Learn how.

What to do if I get an error processing a batch shipment?

When selecting a carrier and service within the READY TO SHIP page, any address errors associated with a specific order(s) will be identified by a red exclamation icon next to the batch name.


Click on the batch name and the specific order(s) will also show the same red exclamation icon. Select the specific order and you will see the address information appear to the right with the relevant error message:


What if one label in a batch fails?

There are circumstances where one or more labels in a batch will fail. You will be provided with a button to retry the failed labels from the READY TO PRINT Page. You will also see a green print button that will allow you to immediately print the successful labels.

For example, if you have a batch of 198 shipments and 56 labels fail, you will click the "Retry" button to address the 56 failed labels. You will click the green "Print" button to print the successful 147 labels. 


Clicking the I next to the failed labels will open a modal explaining the reason why the labels failed:

The retried labels will be processed with a separate batch ID number than the successful labels.


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