Cancel a USPS Label via | How To

You can cancel a label from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page in ShippingEasy or directly on

To cancel a label via

  1. Click on payment method to open up

    Box highlights Payment method link in UI
  2. Go to Store Orders > Order History: page showing Store Orders then Order History marked
  3. Click on Continue Printing. page showing Continue Printing
  4. Hover above History then click on Search Print History. menu with History and Search Print History option highlighted.
  5. Select the order to be refunded.

    Stamps refund screen order checkbox highlighted

    Adjust the Date Printed range on the left sidebar if your label was not printed today.

    Important Information if Cancelling a Label on a USPS SCAN Form:

    If you have created a label included on a USPS SCAN Form, it can be cancelled as long as the package has not moved past "Accepted" in the tracking details.

  6. Click the Refund icon.

    Stamps refund tab highlighted
  7. Click Submit on the Certify Refund Request window.

    Stamps refund screen submit button highlighted
  8. Click Done.

    Stamps refund screen done button highlighted

Your refund request has been electronically submitted to USPS. After approval by the USPS, which is usually within 21 days, refunded postage will be returned to your account. Please note that refund requests must be made within 28 days of the print date.



On March 4, 2024, I shipped a package with UPS Ground with Track No:1Z454VE80392218601.I thought the shipment would arrive in 3-5 days. The package included 3 original handmade oil paintings. It was a time-sensitive cargo. Although 12 days have passed, there has been no movement in the cargo. When we called, they said the cargo was lost. I went to the branch where I delivered it. They referred me to the Savannah UPS Costumerm Center. The cargo was still waiting there. Because they had lost the label. I got my package back. I was a victim of a lot. I was embarrassed by the customers. My business reputation has been damaged. I want the money taken from me when sending this cargo to be returned immediately and for him to apologize to me. Bekir Salim Art LLC Cell:(312)989-8556

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