Change My ShippingEasy Subscription Plan

If your business volume fluctuates, changing your subscription plan can benefit in keeping costs low. No matter what plan you are on, ShippingEasy allows you to update it anytime in just a few steps.

Automatic Plan Upgrades

Your ShippingEasy account seamlessly grows with you as your business grows. To help you stay on top of your shipping volume, we'll send notifications if you are nearing your plan limit, alerting you to the possibility of an upgrade if and when you go over.

Accounts are checked each morning, and notifications are sent when accounts reach 90% of their volume limit. This breaks down to the following shipment amounts per plan:

Plan Price

Shipment Limit


25 Shipments


200 Shipments


500 Shipments


1500 Shipments


3000 Shipments


6000 Shipments


No Shipment Limit

Free Accounts:

You will receive an email notification when your account nears the plan limit.


Subscribers on the $5 Starter plan will automatically be upgraded if they exceed 50 shipments.

Paid Accounts

ShippingEasy will automatically upgrade you to the next plan as your shipment volume increases. Unless you opt to downgrade for the following month, your account remains on the upgraded plan.

You will receive a pro-rated invoice with the additional upgrade fee (plus applicable taxes, if any) for the month, allowing you to keep your original bill date.

How To Upgrade My Subscription Plan

Upgrading your plan not only gives you a higher number of labels to print each month, but it can also give you more features on your account, like comprehensive reporting and additional forms of support.  Learn more about the differences between each plan.

Plan upgrades will take place immediately. We will calculate the prorated amount for the upgrade and charge that amount (plus applicable taxes, if any) on the day you upgrade your plan.

If you upgrade from a Starter plan to a Basic plan, you will be charged the plan amount (plus applicable taxes, if any) immediately, and your billing cycle will begin and run every 30 days from the date of your upgrade.

  1. Click on the Change My Plan button.

  2. Select the plan you wish to upgrade to by clicking the Upgrade button at the bottom

  3. A pop-up box will appear explaining the upgrade pricing in terms of your new plan's add-on services. Click Save to complete the upgrade.


That's it! You have successfully upgraded your plan.

How To Downgrade My Subscription Plan

ShippingEasy allows you to schedule a downgrade anytime on paid plans in just a few steps. Downgrading your plan will decrease the number of labels you can ship each month however, if you end up shipping over the number of labels on your plan, you will be automatically upgraded.

Attention LuLaRoe Retailers

The LuLaRoe BLESS plan cannot be downgraded. Learn more about the LuLaRoe BLESS plan.

Downgrading may also mean you lose additional features and forms of support. Learn more about the differences between each plan.

  1. Click on the Change My Plan button.

  2. Select the plan to the left of your current plan by clicking the Downgrade button at the bottom. When you make your new selection, you will be provided an opportunity to purchase currently used add-ons that may not be included with your new plan selection.

  3. Manage your "Add-Ons" by clicking on the Plan Selection tab, then scrolling down under the Available Add-ons section.


Given monthly subscriptions are billed in advance, the change in plan type will go into effect on the first day of your next billing period, allowing you to extract full value from the plan type paid for the current month.


ShippingEasy does not auto-downgrade accounts based on shifts in volume.




Our organization is a non profit and we just saw that we are being charged taxes.  Can we have that removed?

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