Printing with ConnectEasy | FAQs

ConnectEasy provides a direct connection between your ShippingEasy account and your computer's printers. You can choose unique printers for each type of document: labels, packing slips, pick lists, and customs forms. By sending print jobs directly to your printer, there is no longer a need to display PDF versions of your labels and documents in another browser tab. Just click the Print Now button, and everything prints automatically to the correct printer!

Basic subscription plans and above include access to ConnectEasy. Starter subscribers can add ConnectEasy for a monthly fee.

To set up ConnectEasy:

How do I install another printer to use with ConnectEasy?

If you would like to add additional printers to the ConnectEasy app, you can do so by first installing them on your computer. Once installed, log out and then back in through the ConnectEasy icon. The printer should then be listed in the Printer Configuration drop-down.

Can I use ConnectEasy to print directly for some output types, but still create PDF files for others?

Yes! To create a PDF file for specific documents:

  1. Click the PDF button in the Print To column for any documents that you do not want ConnectEasy to print directly.

  2. Click the Save button.

Do I have to use ConnectEasy?

No. You can opt to print all, some, or none of your documents via ConnectEasy. If you prefer to preview your documents in a PDF before printing, you can set your documents to generate a PDF in your ShippingEasy DEVICES AND HARDWARE > PRINTER CONFIGURATION settings.

How do I reprint labels, customs forms, and other documents?

Anything printed via ConnectEasy will be available on the READY TO PRINT page in the Print Queue for 72 hours. If you need to reprint labels or other documents again in the future, select the Reprint option from your Print Queue.


You can also print labels, packing slips, and customs forms from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page directly to your printer. Documents can be printed one-by-one or in groups. You will not be charged again for any label you reprint. Learn more about printing from SHIPMENT HISTORY.

Shipment history order actions menu showing reprint options


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