Printing with ConnectEasy | FAQs

ConnectEasy provides a direct connection to your computer's printers. You can choose unique printers for each type of document: labels, packing slips, pick lists, and customs forms. By sending print jobs directly to your printer, there is no longer a need to display PDF versions of your labels and documents in another browser tab. Just click the Print Now button and everything prints automatically to the correct printer!

Basic and above subscriptions include access to ConnectEasy. Starter subscribers can add ConnectEasy for a monthly fee. Learn more about ConnectEasy.

Setting up ConnectEasy

How do I install ConnectEasy?

We have OS-specific installation guides - click below for your system:

How do I configure ConnectEasy for printing?

For step-by-step instructions, take a look at our setup guide.

How do I install another printer to use with ConnectEasy?

If you would like to add additional printers to the ConnectEasy app, you can do so by first installing them on your computer. Once installed, then log out then back in through the ConnectEasy icon. The printer should then be listed in the Printer Configuration dropdown.

Can I use ConnectEasy to print directly for some output types, but still create PDF files for others?

Yes. Within the PRINTER settings, just click the button for "PDF" for the type of output that you do not want ConnectEasy to print directly.

Do I have to use ConnectEasy?

No. You can opt to print all, some, or none of your documents via ConnectEasy. If you prefer to preview your documents in a PDF, you can assign your carrier labels and document types to PDF:

  1. Click SETTINGS from the navigation bar.
  3. Within the "Printer Configuration" grid, choose the necessary carrier labels and document types you want to preview in PDF, using the radio buttons on the right. This will send any selection to a PDF document.

How do I make sure that ConnectEasy is running and is connected?

When running and connected, the ConnectEasy icon displays in your computer's taskbar or toolbar. Find out how to locate ConnectEasy on your computer.

You can also go to SETTINGS> PRINTER CONFIGURATIONS to see the real-time status of all configured printers. The ConnectEasy client program providing connectivity to the configured printer will have a green check next to it:connecteasy_configured.PNG

If there is an error with the connection, you will see an alert sign:


You can also view the connection status from anywhere in the app. On the top right of any page, next to Postage and Carriers, an icon will be displayed notifying you of the status:

green_printer.png Connected
red_printer.png  Not Connected

To verify that ConnectEasy is running and reconnected, follow these steps.

Printing from the ORDERS page

You can print labels, pick lists, and/or packing slips from the ORDERS page directly to a printer. However, first, make sure your printer settings assign each document type to a specific printer. Learn more about configuring your settings.

To print pick lists and/or packing slips:

From the ORDERS page, select the Pick & Pack button.

Select the document and/or actions that you wish to take. 

To print labels:

One label at a time: if you have Instant Rate in place, you can print individual labels in 2-clicks from the ORDERS page. Learn more about Instant Rate

Group of labels: if you have saved Presets assigned to your orders via Shipping Rules, you can buy and print a group of labels from the ORDERS page by selecting multiple orders at once. Learn more about Buy Labels.

Packing Slips: You can also print Packing Slips along with your labels by checking the box 'Print Packing Slips' in the pop-up box that appears.

ShippingEasy will remember your 'Print Packing Slips' setting when you click the Purchase button.

Printing from the READY TO SHIP page

Once you complete your carrier selections on the READY TO SHIP page, you will see the Buy & Print Label enabled. 

Click Buy & Print Label and ConnectEasy will print the label. There will be a delay between selecting the button and when labels start printing. This is due to the time required to process the batch through the label server.

If the "Buy & Print Label" button is not enabled, then you will need to review your ConnectEasy settings. More than likely, labels for the selected carrier are configured to open as PDF. Learn more about configuring your settings.

You can also print labels and packing slips together by clicking the "v" and selecting "Labels & Packing Slips".

Clicking the 'Labels & Packing Slips' selection in the dropdown will result in the labels being purchased first.

What if I decide I do not want to print directly from the READY TO SHIP screen?

Click the Buy Label button and your labels will be waiting for you on the READY TO PRINT page.

Printing from the READY TO PRINT page

Anything printed via ConnectEasy will still be available on the READY TO PRINT page in the "Print Queue". If you need to reprint it in the future, simply select the Reprint option from your "Print Queue". Learn more about the Ready to Print page.

Printing from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page

You can print labels, customs forms, and/or packing slips from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page directly to a printer. However, first, make sure your printer settings assign each document type to a specific printer. Learn more about configuring your settings.

Documents can be printed one-by-one or in groups. Learn more about printing from SHIPMENT HISTORY.


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