Raise the Max Postage Balance on my One Balance Account | How To

By default, One Balance accounts have a maximum postage balance limit of $10,000. However, our Customer Success team can approve an increased postage balance limit. Please contact Customer Success for details.

Now is a great time to verify that you have updated billing information with One Balance. View our step-by-step guide to updating your billing method.

Refill My One Balance Account

You have a few different options for refilling your One Balance account. You can choose to top off your balance to the maximum limit, adding up to the refill limit with each balance purchase, or you can your account to auto-refill.

  • Manual refill: Proactively add more funds to your balance via the One Balance link, or wait to top off your balance when prompted during label generation.

  • Automatic refill: Arrange for ShippingEasy or Stamps.com to automatically top off your account when your balance reaches a minimum threshold that you specify.

    Be sure to only set up one of these options to avoid both systems attempting to refill at the same time:

    • Via ShippingEasy: Configure ShippingEasy to automatically add funds to your balance. Learn more about auto-refills.

    • Via Stamps.com: Set up your Stamps.com account to automatically add funds to your balance.

Set Up Stamps.com Auto-Funding

Avoid Duplicate Charges

If you already have your auto-refill settings in ShippingEasy configured, enabling auto-funding in Stamps.com may result in twice the charges when refilling your postage balance and/or label failures in ShippingEasy.

To automatically refill your One Balance account via Stamps.com:

  1. Log in to Stamps.com.

    If you don't have your login information, view our guide to accessing your One Balance account ID and password.

  2. Click Balance and select Buy More.

    Stamps buy more postage dropdown menu
  3. Click the Auto-fund account link.

    Stamps Auto-fund account link
  4. Enter the specific amount you want to automatically purchase when your One Balance funds have reached a certain amount ("if postage balance is below").

    Stamps screen to enter the specific amount you want to automatically purchase
  5. Click the Save button.


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