Send Copies of Customer Notification Emails | How To

By default, ShippingEasy will send your customer shipment notification emails after a label has been purchased for their order. In addition, if you provide an email address in ShippingEasy, a copy of the notification will also be sent to you. Receiving a copy of these emails can help with tracking orders as well as provide proof of shipment and delivery.

Who can receive copies of customer notifications?

For each store you have connected, one email address can receive copies of customers' shipment confirmations and return labels. Use the instructions below to designate the blind-copied email address.

To send the shipment confirmation emails to multiple recipients, set up a group email so that everyone in the group gets a confirmation.

Start or stop receiving copies of your customers' shipping confirmation emails.

  1. Go to the store you would like to adjust your email settings. Then click Edit Store Settings.

    The Edit store settings link for the ShippingEasy API store.
  2. Select the Notifications tab.

    The notifications tab is highlighted.
  3. Locate the Send a copy of shipment confirmation and return shipping emails to: field in the Email Reply-to and BCC settings section.

    • Start receiving copies: Enter the email address to which you would like the emails sent.

    • Stop receiving copies: Remove any email addresses listed in this field.

    The send a copy of shipment confirmation and return shipping emails to field is highlighted.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.


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