Set Up Insurance Defaults For My Shipments

Setting insurance defaults is the first step in automating insurance coverage for your shipments. ShippingEasy’s insurance settings allow you to tell the system when to trigger insurance automatically, saving you time and ensuring your preferences are applied regardless of who is doing your shipping. Compare carrier-included insurance with Shipsurance.


Insurance settings only apply to our insurance reseller Shipsurance.

Insurance defaults tend to be fairly broad in coverage. If you need to apply insurance to more specific package types, Shipping Rules are a great alternative. Two examples of Shipping Rules to apply insurance to more specific shipments are Insuring First-Class Shipments and fully insure orders over a minimum value per requested service.

To set up shipment insurance defaults:

  1. On the SHIPMENT INSURANCE settings page, you can select a range of options:

    1. Domestic vs International: flexibility to set different rules based on where the package is headed.

    2. Order Total vs Specified Amount: insurance the entire Order Total - or - only insure for a Specified Amount.

    3. Qualified shipments: only include insurance IF the total value of the order exceeds a minimum value (eg: ONLY insure my packages when the value is > $75).

  2. Select the checkbox Insure all domestic or  international shipments to insure your packages:

    checkbox for Insure domestic shipments based on is marked
  3. Choose whether you want to calculate insurance based on:

    1. Order Total: the total line-item cost of your shipments.

    2. Specific Amount: insure every shipment for the noted amount. Ex: insure all domestic shipments to the value of $150. If you select Specified Amount, be sure to fill in the amount you want to be covered.

  4. You may only want to insure items when they exceed a certain dollar value; for example, only insure packages where the line item value exceeds $100. This is helpful when shipping with UPS or FedEx, where insurance is applied according to a declared value for anything over $100. 

    In this instance, under the Restrictions area, you can check a box to Only insure domestic or international shipments when the order's value is greater than or equal to and then enter a dollar value.

    checkbox for Only insure domestic shipments when the orders value is greater than or equal to is marked
  5. After you have applied the settings that you want for both Domestic and International, click Save at the bottom of the page.


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