How do I know if my package has arrived or is late?

Making sure your packages arrive safely and on time is essential to running your business. At ShippingEasy, we make sure you can keep track of the status of all your shipments.


You can configure Delivery Confirmation emails to automatically notify you and your customers that their order has been delivered. Learn how to send a Delivery Confirmation email.

View the delivery status in ShippingEasy

Follow these steps to view delivery status:


Real-time delivery status updates are only available for One Balance labels purchased via an open One Balance account, overnighted FedEx labels, and overnighted UPS labels. This information does not apply to shipments sent from a currently closed One Balance account, consolidator-based shipments, or for carriers other than One Balance shipments.

Non-overnight FedEx and UPS shipments will start to get tracking updates 48 hours after the shipment is generated.

  1. Locate the Delivery column above the listed shipments.

  2. Click the Delivery column header to sort the Delivery column.

    For any shipment that has tracking, an icon will display that summarizes the status of your package.

    delivered_360.jpeg Delivered (trigger automated delivery confirmation emails.)

    undeliverable_360.jpeg Delivery Error (package may be undeliverable for some reason)

    no_tracking_yet_360.jpeg New (no tracking information available yet)

    scanned_in_route_360.jpeg In Transit (package has been scanned and is en route)

    You can also hover your mouse over a delivery icon to see a real-time update of your shipments' statuses.

Filter Shipments by Status

It is also possible to filter shipments by their status, using the Delivery Status filter options to the left of your shipments.

shipment history filters showing Delivery Status marked
  • Click the Delivery Status filter and then select any of the statuses below to view shipments with a matching status.


If you need to regularly filter for the same Delivery Statuslearn how to set up a Saved View.

View the tracking status on the carrier's tracking page

Click the corresponding Tracking number to see detailed carrier notes.

Shipment history Tracking column marked

This will direct you to the carrier's tracking page to see the up-to-date status of that shipment. Any delays will be noted there.


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