Obtain the UPS High Value Report | How To

The UPS High Value Report is a report showing a tracking number, package ID, and Declared Value if your package has a declared value of $1,000 or more. UPS One Balance shipments do not support Declared Value. Learn more about insuring UPS One Balance shipments.

Shipping with Multiple Shippers

If you use multiple shippers to process high-value packages, the package information is grouped by shipper accounts, and the report information for each shipper starts on a new page. The shipper number is shown in the UPS Shipper No. field.

For Return Services shipments, this report prints during shipment processing instead of during the End of Day process.

For all other services, the report is generated when you enter a Declared Value of more than $1000 under your insurance options on READY TO SHIP and is not affected by changing your Declared Values on your Customs forms.

To generate and access your report:

  1. Create a shipment and send it to the READY TO SHIP page.

  2. Select your carrier (UPS) and configure the shipping selections. In the Insurance Options: section:

    • Check the box to turn on insurance and select "UPS Declared Value" from the drop-down that populates.

    • Below the drop-down is a field entitled "Insure to the Value of ____".

    • For the shipment to qualify, the value must be $1000 or more.

    • Enter the value of the shipment into the "Insure to the value of $ " field and click "Update".

    The UPS carrier shipment options screen with the Add Insurance, UPS Declared Value, and value insurance options highlighted.
  3. Purchase the label.

  4. Proceed to the SHIPPING HISTORY page and locate the shipment for which you need the UPS High Value Report.

  5. Click the SHIP_ShipHist_OrderActions_Icon.png icon. Then, select the Download Customs Forms/UPS High Value Report.

    Order actions menu expanded with Download customs forms/UPS High Value report marked

    The report will be generated and will look similar to the below image.

    A sample of the generated UPS Control Log

At pickup, give this report to your UPS driver. The UPS driver signs the report and records the pickup time and the total number of high-value packages on the last line of this report.

The driver will take the report along with the packages. We suggest making a copy of the driver's report with the pickup details for your records. The pickup details include the driver's signature and handwritten information which cannot be reprinted. It is a good idea to have the driver sign your copy as well.


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