Refund Postage for Late Priority Mail Express Delivery | How To

Priority Mail Express is a time-guaranteed service through the USPS.

Anyone with a late Priority Mail Express delivery should first file a claim with the USPS for a postage refund.

For ShippingEasy subscribers: After the USPS verifies late delivery of your Priority Mail Express shipment, reach out to ShippingEasy's Customer Success team to finalize your refund.

Eligibility Requirements for Late Packages

A late Priority Mail Express shipment must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a refund.

  • The shipment cannot be destined to or originating from Alaska and/or Hawaii: In July, 2023, the USPS discontinued postage refunds for late Priority Mail Express® shipments going to or coming from Alaska and Hawaii.

  • The shipment must have been scanned in at your local Post Office by the cut-off time to begin the shipping process on time.

    The cut-off time can vary per Post Office. Refunds may be denied for packages delayed due to drop-off after the local Post Office's cut-off time.

    Make sure your Priority Mail Express packages are scanned by the cut-off time.

    To help ensure that packages are scanned before the cut-off time:

    • Check with your local Post Office to find their specific cut-off time.

    • Hand deliver Priority Mail Express packages and wait until you see a clerk scan each package.

  • The package must be delivered after the guaranteed time and date on the label and/or tracking number.

    You can calculate the scheduled delivery date of your shipment using the USPS Service Commitments online tool.

    To determine if your package has been delayed, check the tracking via USPS.

  • If the shipment is traveling to an international destination, the destination country must be eligible for postage refunds.

    Find the list of currently eligible international destinations on the USPS website. Guaranteed delivery to select international destinations is available directly from a Post Office location. (Additional restrictions apply.) Priority Mail Express International late claims must be processed with USPS.

If your shipment qualifies for a refund based on the above criteria, then you can request a postage refund for your Priority Mail Express package.

Obtain a Refund for a USPS Priority Mail Express Shipment

To file a refund claim online with the USPS:

  1. Start the claim in a timely manner.

    • Domestic shipments: Claims must be filed within 30 days from purchase.

    • International shipments: Claims must be filed within 90 days from purchase.

  2. Prepare evidence. You will need to submit the following to the USPS:

  3. Log in to your account and go to Help > Request a Refund.

    USPS Help menu expanded with request a refund highlighted
  4. Select Priority Mail Express under Domestic Services Refunds.

    USPS Domestic Service Refunds screen with Priority Mail Express highlighted
  5. Click Request a PME Refund.

    USPS screen Priority Mail Express request a PME refund highlighted

    You will be required to enter some details about your items, including the tracking number and the reason why you are requesting a refund. If applicable, you may be required to upload proof of purchase.

    USPS screen to enter tracking number

If your claim is approved, the USPS will send you a check in the mail for your reimbursement.

  • Domestic shipments: You will receive your refund within 60 days from purchase.

  • International shipments; You will receive your refund within 120 days from purchase.

If the amount the USPS refunds you differs from what you originally paid for the postage: Notify ShippingEasy per the instructions in the next section. ShippingEasy must be notified in a timely manner to complete the claim.

Notify ShippingEasy of a Delayed USPS Priority Mail Express Shipment

If you are on a paid ShippingEasy plan, you have access to the best postage discounts online. Most online postage providers use Commercial Pricing, and, in most cases, that is what the Post Office is set up to refund. ShippingEasy will refund any remaining difference between what the Post Office is able to refund and the total postage price paid on ShippingEasy.

We hate asking you to complete additional paperwork! However, we need some additional details in order to refund any remaining amount.

To receive the remaining portion of your refund, please complete our form to request a Priority Mail Express Refund from ShippingEasy.

File a Claim with USPS First

Because the USPS guarantees the timely delivery of Priority Mail Express shipments, a claim will need to be filed directly with the USPS to receive a complete refund of any postage paid for a delayed shipment.

If you have multiple claims to file with the USPS: Please submit a form for each shipment.


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