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Developed with our strategic partner PrintNode, ShippingEasy offers ConnectEasy - a unique and highly versatile tool for weighing packages and printing shipping labels.

Consider it an all-in-one tool that enables ShippingEasy to integrate with your hardware in a wide range of configurations, including printing to multiple printers, reading weights directly from your USB scale, and assigning unique settings to each user login. Add to all this a user-friendly installation and you get a comprehensive solution designed to make your shipping, well, EASIER!

What operating systems are supported?

We have got you covered! ShippingEasy offers ConnectEasy for both Macs and PCs running Windows.

Installation Guides

Installation for these two systems are unique, so please see the links below for the appropriate guide:

PCs running other operating systems, such as Linux or Chrome OS, are not supported by ConnectEasy.

Is ConnectEasy included with all ShippingEasy subscriptions?

No. ConnectEasy is included with the Basic and above subscriptions. It can be added to a Starter subscription for $5/month.

Is ConnectEasy secure?

Yes. ConnectEasy was developed by an experienced software development team that understands the importance of a secure system. Specific features include:

  • SSL is used for encryption of all communication between each customer's system and our servers.

  • Single-use expiring tokens are used to identify each print job.

  • The Windows and Mac applications are designed according to specific standards required by both Microsoft and Apple.

How do I configure ConnectEasy for printing?

Can I print from multiple computers?

Yes. Without any extra steps, ConnectEasy allows you to print to designated printers from different computers regardless of each computers' OS. Learn more about setting up ConnectEasy for multiple workstations.

How do I integrate my USB scale via ConnectEasy?

What if I have issues installing or using ConnectEasy?

We have several troubleshooting resources available in our ConnectEasy FAQs. These are the most popular articles:

Our ConnectEasy application overview for Mac and Windows references is another great resource to familiarize yourself with the downloaded user interface.

If you have additional questions, we have a dedicated Customer Success team for our Basic and above accounts - find links to call, email, or chat us in the top left corner of ShippingEasy.

We also provide quick assistance to questions posted in our Community Forums.

Can I use ConnectEasy if I have a firewall in place?

Yes. Most firewalls allow all outbound traffic automatically, however, there are a few that require setting both the inbound, and outbound traffic to use whitelisted IP addresses. You may need to add the whitelisted IP addresses to both the inbound and outbound traffic. The current ConnectEasy IP address is


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