Why do I need to provide a Proof of Filing Citation (PFC)?

If you're shipping an item internationally that is valued at over $2,500, the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Customs and Border Protection require you to electronically file for a Proof of Filing Citation (PFC).

For many years, exporters used the U.S. Census Bureau Automated Export System (AES). Starting in 2014 and continuing through early 2016, the Census Bureau and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have moved all the functionality of AES to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system.

If you were using the Census Bureau's AESDirect site for Proof of Filing Citation (PFC), you will now need to use ACE instead. Within ACE, the features you used in the old AES are sometimes referred to as "Refactored AES," to help distinguish the new AESDirect within ACE from the old AESDirect system. Learn more in the Transition to ACE guide, in the FAQ on the ACE transition, and in the ACE AESDirect User Guide.

To file Electronic Export Information (EEI):

  1. Register for an ACE exporter account or log into your existing ACE account.

  2. Follow the instructions for creating an Export Filing.

  3. The “Port of Export” code for shipping through the US Postal Service is “8000.”  For FedEx and UPS, the "Port of Export" will vary depending on the location - refer to this table for more information.

  4. The “Mode of Transport” is “Mail.”

  5. Leave the carrier as “SCAC/IATA,” and leave the conveyance name fields blank.

  6. After successfully filing electronic export information, AESDirect will provide an alphanumeric Internal Transaction Number (ITN) as confirmation. The ITN consists of the letters “AES” followed by the ITN: for example, “AES X2234343985555.”  This ITN provides your Proof of Filing Citation (PFC).

  7. For US Postal Service packages, write the ITN on the shipping label in the space labeled AES/ITN/Exemptions. There is no need for the NOEEI exemption because the shipment is valued over $2,500. You can white out the NOEEI notation and write in the ITN number instead:


We do not support providing Fedex with the ITN or a different exemption. If you are shipping with FedEx, the label will need to be generated through Fedex.

For UPS and UPS One Balance packages, follow the instructions in the UPS International Shipping Guide.

For DHL Packages, follow the instructions on the DHL help page.


For questions or issues related to your ACE account, please email or call the ACE Service Desk at ACE.Support@cbp.dhs.gov or (866) 530-4172.For questions related to filing, contact your assigned client representative. If you don't have a client representative, you can call 571-468-5500 to be assigned one.


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