Send a Delivery Confirmation Email When a Package is Delivered | How To

With a Delivery Confirmation email, you can automatically notify your buyers that their order has been delivered. You can even receive a copy of the Delivery Confirmation email to your business. For drop-shipped orders, ShippingEasy can trigger automated emails for orders downloaded but not delivered or shipped.

Once enabled, the Delivery Confirmation email is sent when ShippingEasy receives notice that a package has been delivered. A package is considered delivered when the carrier scans the package as 'Delivered'.

Delivery Confirmation emails are only supported for One Balance, FedEx, and UPS shipments.

For other shipments, consider signing up for alerts directly with the carrier. Many carriers allow you to sign up for delivery status alerts directly on their tracking page.

ShippingEasy provides a default Delivery Confirmation email. This allows you to start using this feature right away. See what the default template looks like.

For businesses that prefer to customize the Delivery Confirmation email, there is an option to create your own Email Template. This custom Email Template can then be assigned to your STORES & ORDERS settings. It's a great option if you want to highlight your brand. Especially if you have multiple stores and want a unique email for each. Learn more about custom Email Templates

Once you've decided which template to use, you're ready to configure your stores to send the Delivery Confirmation email.

To set up Delivery Confirmation emails for One Balance, FedEx, and UPS shipments:

  1. Locate on the STORES & ORDERS page the store for which you want to send Delivery Confirmation emails to your customers.

  2. Go to the Notifications tab, then check the box next to Send a delivery confirmation email to buyer with delivery details.

    send delivery confirmation to buyer email checkbox checked


    NOTE: stores will not see this option as automatically sends shipment confirmation emails to your customer once their order has been shipped.

  3. Expand the Select Delivery Confirmation Email Template menu to choose your template, If you have a custom Email Template. Otherwise, leave this set to the default template. Learn more about custom Email Templates .

    Delivery confirmation email template default highlighted
  4. If you would like to receive a copy of the Delivery Confirmation emails as well, scroll to the Email Reply-to and BCC settings section and enter your email address into the Send Copy of Delivery Emails to field.

    Email reply BCC address highlighted
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.

    Save button highlighted on Email Template page
  6. If you have additional stores to configure, repeat these steps for each store.

ShippingEasy will now send an email to you and/or your buyer once their package has been delivered!


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