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Additional Shipment Options will allow you to specify when an order will ship, request pick or confirmation services, and include insurance. These options are available for USPS and UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance, FedEx, and UPS shipments.

Ship Date

Select the Ship Date, when the package will be mailed, for One Balance, FedEx, or DHL Express shipments. Also called 'post dating,' this enables you to delay shipment notifications to your store until the ship date and request a USPS package pickup. 

Request a Pickup

When the Ship Date is advanced one day for USPS and UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance shipments, you may request that your courier pick up a package.

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Confirmation options are available for purchase for One Balance, UPS, and FedEx, if your shipment requires specific delivery services. Learn more about confirmation options.

Weekend Options

UPS One Balance, UPS, and FedEx provide various Saturday pickup and delivery options. Depending on the service, these options will only appear on certain days of the week. For instance, with overnight service, you may see this on a Friday. With a two-day service, you may see it on a Thursday.

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USPS One Balance does not provide an option to specify a Saturday delivery, however, will do so at no extra cost if it is within the service commitment.

Additional Handling

UPS provides an option to designate packages that require special handling. See the UPS page on Additional Handling for more information and restrictions.

Additional handling does not apply to UPS One Balance shipments.


Many carrier services include a base level of insurance or declared value coverage. To add additional insurance protection, opt to Add Insurance.

ShippingEasy partners with Shipsurance for affordable and reliable insurance options, available with most carrier services. Learn more about shipment insurance.

Hold for Pickup

Hold for Pickup is a special service offered by certain carriers that allow the package to be held at the carrier facility where it can be picked up by a specified recipient.

Learn more about USPS Hold for Pickup and UPS Hold for Pickup.

Shipper or Signature Release

A Shipper or Signature Release authorizes the carrier to release the package or letter on the first delivery attempt without receiving a signature. When a release is selected, the shipper accepts liability for the loss of the package after delivery.

UPS refers to this service as "Shipper Release." FedEx refers to the service as "Signature Release." Other carriers may use similar names.

Unsupported Shipment Options

ShippingEasy does not support: Hold for Pickup.

  • Hold for Pickup

  • Shipper or Signature Release


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