Edit Order Weights | How To

For an order that is imported with no weight or to change the weight and dimensions of the order, ShippingEasy offers options to edit weights for individual orders or multiple orders at once.


If you have weights saved to your Product Catalog, you can rerun shipping rules to assign those weights to orders with matching SKUs. Weight-specific rules are not required, but at least one rule will need to exist.

Edit a Single Order Weight

To edit the weight of one order:

  1. Locate the order you want to edit and select the Action menu.

  2. Select Edit Weight from the drop-down menu.


Edit a Single Order Weight and Dimensions

If you need to edit your order weight and dimensions, you can do so from the Orders Details slide out.

  1. Click on the line of the order you want to ship.

    Orders page one line item marked
  2. Review the Weight and Adjust Dimensions , and update as needed.

    Order details slideout. The Shipment section is expanded, and the options to adjust dimensions and weight are marked.

Once you have confirmed or updated the weight and dimensions, you can buy the label immediately by clicking Buy Label.

The order details Buy Label button marked

If you want to continue editing order weights, click outside the Order Details slide out to close it.

Edit Multiple Orders with the Same Weight

For orders that are the same weight, you can bulk update their weights all at once.

  1. Select the order(s) you want to edit on the ORDERS page.

  2. Click the More button.

  3. Select Edit Weight from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the weight into the Edit Order Weight popup and click Confirm Edit.

Automate Your Weights!

ShippingEasy provides an easy-to-use Shipping Rules feature for a faster, automated way of setting weights. The Estimated Order Weight Rule best suits orders whose weight is not provided by a store.



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