Search and Sort Orders on the ORDERS Page | How To

You can search and sort orders on the ORDERS page to make it easier to locate and process a particular order or group of orders.

Search Orders on the ORDERS Page

Need to find that one particular order or a group of orders? Our easy order keyword search tool will help you do just that! You can search for a customer name or order number.

For best results, be as specific as possible with the names of customers. Searches are not case-sensitive (i.e., either "Martin" or "martin" will produce the same result).


Dashes in certain transaction numbers are recognized. You should be able to search by the entire number or just a portion of it. For example, searching "107-6817106-8377851" or just "8377851" would bring up the same order.

Orders no longer on the ORDERS page will show no result:


More Ways to Find Your Orders

You can also search through your orders with the More Filters button on the ORDERS page. Learn more about filtering orders.

Sort Orders on the ORDERS Page

You can sort through your orders by clicking the column headers at the top of your ORDERS Page.


When you click on any of the column headers, the column you select will be sorted automatically. The order in which the column is sorted depends on the data in the column itself. For example, the Item Name column will be sorted alphabetically:


You can only sort your orders by one column at a time. For example, if you have your orders sorted by Item Name and then click on the Date column, the orders will reload sorted by the newly selected column.

Organize Column Headers on the ORDERS Page

ShippingEasy gives you the option to customize which columns you see on the ORDERS page, as well as what order you see them in.

Click the More drop-down and select Arrange Columns to specify which columns are displayed and what order they are displayed in.


Move the header titles to the Show columns in this order list for the columns to be displayed. Drag the titles into the order you would like them displayed.

Move the header title to the Available columns list to remove it from your ORDERS page.

Click the Save button to update your ORDERS page.



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