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Pick Lists help keep your shipping process organized and efficient. Setting up your Pick Lists in ShippingEasy takes as little as a minute. Your selections will be your default settings for generating and printing Pick Lists unless you change them.

To set up your Pick Lists in ShippingEasy:


    label sizes and printing options then pick lists
  2. Make the selections that best fit how you want your pick list to appear under Print and Sorting Options.

    Print and sorting options on Pick List page

    These selections include:

    • Barcode Type: Choose the order number or item SKU barcode you would like included on your Pick List.

    • Output Format: Choose either Portrait or Landscape. This will affect how many columns you can fit on one page when you start customizing which fields to display.

    • Sort By: Choose how you would like the Pick List to be sorted.

      • Item name

      • Item SKU

      • Warehouse Bin

      • Item Quality

      • Shipping Zone

      • Shipping Service

      • City

      • State

      • Country

      • Custom Field 1

      • Custom Field 2

      • Custom Field 3

    • Sort Order: Choose if you would like the sorting to be Ascending or Descending.

    • Group and Print By: Choose how you would like to see items grouped together on the Pick List.

      Selecting Multiple Group and Print By Options

      If you select multiple options from the Group and Print by list, ShippingEasy will print a Pick List for each grouping option. For example, if you select Item and Order, you will get 2 Pick Lists. One Pick List will print all items grouped by product, and a separate Pick List will print with all items grouped by order.

  3. Select which columns you would like to display on your Pick Lists under Column Selection. Click Edit to choose the data fields and customize the order of the columns.

    edit button under column selection marked
  4. Drag and drop fields from Available columns to Show columns in this order.

    Pick List page Arrange Columns popup

    The note in the blue bar will indicate how much room you have left on the page to accommodate additional columns.

    Pick list arrange columns popup progress bar showing remaining pixels available

    The size of each column is displayed to the right of the column title.

    Arrange Column popup marked to show column pixel size
  5. Click Update to confirm your column selections and arrangement.

  6. Click Save to confirm your Pick List format. You can also click Preview to generate a sample PDF of your Pick List.

    cancel save and preview buttons marked on Pick List page


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