Add a Custom Image to Shipment Notification Emails | How To

Adding custom images to your notification email templates is easy! You can add images from your computer hard drive or from your ShippingEasy Image Library.

To add custom images to shipment notification emails:

  1. Click inside the template where you would like to add a new image, then select the image icon from the top toolbar.

    Image btn in toolbar highlighted
  2. Upload your image by dragging and dropping it into the outlined box, or click the box to select the image file from your hard drive.

    email editor Drop Image highlighted

    You can also choose to insert an image URL link or browse your existing images in your Image Library using the respective buttons in the toolbar.

    Link and File btns in toolbar highlighted

    The image will appear in your email template where you placed your cursor.

  3. Click the Update Template after completing your edits to save your changes.

    Update template button highlighted on email editor page

A menu of options to format and arrange the image will appear below it.

image placement tools highlighted
Replace button on email templates editor

Replace image

Align text on Email Templates page

Align image: left, right, or center

Remove button on email templates editor

Remove image

Add a hyperlink button on email editor

Insert link

Image styling button on Email Templates

Display: inline or break text


Style: rounded or bordered

Alt Text button on Email Templates

Alternate text

Resize button on email template editor

Change size

Sizing Custom Images

By default, the image size will be limited by the file dimensions. You can change the size of the image by clicking the Change size button in the image menu to specify dimensions.

Change size of email on email template editor

Additionally, there is special handling for the custom_image variable that allows you to control the exact width and height. The variable looks like this: {% custom_image #_label %}

The image # refers to the order in which the image was uploaded to your Image Library. The label refers to the Label name entered for the image in the Image Library.

To specify the image dimensions, add the following information to the variable: {% custom_image #_label | image_size: 'WxH' %}

Specify the pixels for the width (W) and height (H). For example: {% custom_image 1_shippingeasy | image_size: '10x20' %}


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