Create a Prepaid Return Label from SHIPMENT HISTORY

If your customer needs to return an item to you, ShippingEasy allows you to purchase and generate a prepaid label. Learn more about Prepaid Return labels and how to refund unused labels.

You can email a return label to a customer if an email address is included in the order details and the option to Send a return shipping email to the buyer under the Notifications tab has been enabled.

Merchants with carefully crafted brands can customize their Return Shipping emails. Learn how to save a new email template to your store. If you would like to be up and running in a snap, ShippingEasy offers a default prepaid return shipment email.

Prepaid return labels will not physically print when the option to automatically send return shipment notifications has been enabled. The labels may be reprinted from the SHIPMENT HISTORY print actions menu.

Customers can only receive an email confirmation if an email address is included in their order details.

Depending on how many return labels you need, there are a couple of places within the app where returns can be created from:

Prepaid Returns Not Always Available

Return labels are not available within ShippingEasy for:

  • International shipments

  • UPS Shipments with a declared value of more than $1000

  • Amazon Shipments: Amazon requires that return labels are uploaded to your Seller Central account. Amazon will then send the label to your customer.

  • Shipments not listed in SHIPMENT HISTORY: Learn more about manually creating a return label for an order not in SHIPMENT HISTORY.

This article describes how to create and buy a prepaid return label from SHIPMENT HISTORY.

Buy Prepaid Return Label

After you have created the prepaid return label, you will be directed to the ORDERS page.

toast message after Prepaid return label is created on Shipment History, Order sent to Orders

Once there you will see that the address and shipping method for the return label will duplicate the original shipment by default.

After you have reviewed the order if there are no further edits to make, click the Buy Label button.

Return label on orders page with order details showing and button to buy label highlighted

This will charge the appropriate carrier account for the postage amount of the return shipment. The label will move to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.


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