Syncing New Orders

Once you connect your store to ShippingEasy, orders that have been placed in the last 14 days will be automatically downloaded to appear on the ORDERS page. If you have orders older than 14 days old, you can create manual orders for these shipments. Learn how to add manual orders one by one or via a CSV file.

The frequency that ShippingEasy syncs new orders depends on the store type. Most stores sync at regular intervals every hour. For example, a store might always automatically sync 20 minutes after the hour. The following stores sync every 2-4 hours:

  • Volusion

  • Solid Commerce

  • Americommerce

By default, all accounts are configured to automatically download orders once an hour, unless the store integration does not allow for it. For a list of these integrations, see the section Stores that do not sync.

ShippingEasy only syncs orders in a syncable status. The order must be in a syncable status at the time of the sync. If an order is not in a syncable status but is changed to a syncable status later, ShippingEasy will sync the order during the next sync time. Learn more about syncing order statuses.

When orders are set to download automatically, selecting the Sync with Store button will prompt the automatic download to occur at that moment, rather than wait for the hourly download.


It may take 5-15 minutes for the download request to complete.

Stores that do not sync:

Reasons to Manually Sync Orders

Although ShippingEasy is able to automatically sync orders and shipments, there are times when you may want to manually refresh your store and download new data.

  • When automatic order downloads are enabled, new orders are downloaded on a 1-4 hour basis, depending on the platform. Manually refreshing orders allow you to see new orders between these download intervals.

  • You may prefer to disable automatic order downloads. When this is configured, new orders are not downloaded automatically. Rather, new orders are only downloaded on demand.

  • You can download Amazon Fulfillment Network shipments. If you sell between Merchant Fulfilled and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you may wish to have these shipments pulled into ShippingEasy. When enabled, FBA shipments will download once an hour. Manually refreshing shipments allow you to see new shipments between these download intervals. Learn more about fulfilling Amazon Prime orders with ShippingEasy.

How To Sync New Orders

For more frequent updates, you can manually request to sync orders. From the ORDERS page, click the Sync option.

  1. Go to the ORDERS page.

    Boxes highlight Shipping, then Orders tab in the navigation bar
  2. Find the Sync button in the top left of the page.

  3. Choose to sync specific stores or all stores.

    • Sync all stores at once: click the Sync button option at the top of the dialog.

    • Sync-specific stores: click the drop-down menu to the right of the sync button and click the Sync button next to each store listing.

  4. A message will automatically appear at the top of the ORDERS page, confirming store sync is occurring.

  5. Each store’s “sync” icon will spin until the update of that store is complete. When all stores are up to date, a message is displayed at the end of the list of orders list.


Disable Automatic Order Downloads

ShippingEasy provides an option to disable the automatic order sync for greater flexibility to sync your orders when it makes the most sense to you. If you opt to disable automatic order downloads, then ShippingEasy will only sync when you click the Sync with Store button on the ORDERS page. Once requested, orders that were moved into a status that syncs since your last download will be pulled into ShippingEasy. Keep in mind that it may take 20 minutes to fully download your orders.

To disable automatic order downloads, follow these steps:

  1. Go to SETTINGS then click STORES & ORDERS.

    ShippingEasy side navigation with Settings highlighted
    Integration settings with Stores & Orders option highlighted
  2. SelectEdit store settings next to the store for which you want to disable automatic downloads.

    Edit store settings option highlighted under the Stores & Orders settings
  3. Click on the "Orders" tab and check the box next to Disable Automatic Order Downloads.

    Disable automatic order downloads on Orders tab of Stores & Orders page
  4. Save the change.

Notes about Syncing Orders

There are a few things to note about syncing orders:

  • Only orders that are in a status that you've selected to sync will actually download. Learn more about syncing order statuses.

  • If the status "New" is selected as one that will sync, only orders placed since midnight of the day before the manual sync will download. (Ex: A manual order download is requested on Wednesday. ShippingEasy will query the API for all "New" orders placed since midnight Tuesday).

  • If the status "New" is not selected to sync, only orders placed since midnight three days prior to the manual sync will download. (Ex. A manual order download is requested on Wednesday. ShippingEasy will query the API for all "New" orders placed since midnight Sunday).


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