Filter Unshipped Orders

Filters on the ORDERS page allow you to display all orders that meet the requirements you check off on the filter options. You can think of filters as a complementary tool to the search bar on the ORDERS page because it allows you to further specify your search. Filtering allows you to quickly view and group unshipped orders by specific criteria. For example, you may wish to view and group all international orders or all orders going to a particular zone.


Filters are saved per user login session. This means if multiple users log in from the same workstation, filters set by previous users will not apply.

Options from multiple cells can be selected at the same time. Filters stack, so the results match all specified filters. You can also search for the filtered results. Only results that match the filter and search criteria will be displayed when doing so.

You can save your Top 5 filters on the ORDERS page. Click on More Filters and select the Arrange Filters link. Once selected, your Top 5 filters will be displayed above your orders list.

Reasons to Filter Orders

Filtering orders can allow you to take action on multiple orders simultaneously. Several bulk actions can be applied to your orders:

  • Batch shipments

  • Assign an order category

  • Tag orders

  • Print pick lists or packing slips

  • Combine multiple orders

  • Edit order weights

  • Clear orders

Filtering Unshipped Orders

Follow these steps to filter orders on the ORDERS page.

  1. Go to the ORDERS page from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app.

    Boxes highlight Shipping, then Orders tab in the navigation bar
  2. A list of different filters will appear as a sidebar available to help you find and view orders based on certain attributes. The filters are drop-down menus that contain checkboxes that will filter your orders in real-time.


    Select your Top 5 Filters by clicking on Arrange Filters. These filters will display above your orders list for easy access.

  3. Check the boxes next to the filter options you want to filter for. Your orders will filter in real-time.


    The selected filters will be displayed across the top of the orders:

  4. Click the "X" by the filter to remove them one by one, or click Clear Filters to the right of the filters to clear them all.



Saving your filtered views can be a quick and easy way to filter shipments in the future. Click Saved Filter View to the right of the selected filters.

Filter Orders Examples

Some useful ways to filter your orders can be by address, sales channel, or multiple orders.

Filter by Valid or Invalid Address:

  • Expand the Address Type filter from the left sidebar menu and check the Invalid Addresses option.

  • Click the red triangle on the order to Fix the address or click use anyway to use the address as is.



    If you choose to use the invalid address, the triangle icon will appear yellow in the order. You can filter for these orders by selecting the Invalid Accepted Address filter.

  • Filter by Sales Channel:

  • Expand the "Sales Channel" menu, type in part or all of the original sales channel name, and Enter to apply the filter.


    Your orders will be filtered to show only those orders with a matching sales channel.

  • Filter by duplicate recipients:

Filter Options on ORDERS page



Learn More


Filters by store

Only visible if a store has been integrated with your account. Learn more about store integrations.

Product SKU

Filters by Product SKU information. Select from:

  • Includes

  • Only Has (All)

  • Only Has (Any)

  • Excludes - then type in some or all product SKU name/number.


Filters by Ship To address destination:

  • All

  • Domestic

  • International


Filters by the number of line items:

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • >7

  • >50


Filter by order status:

  • Awaiting Payment

  • Awaiting Fulfillment

  • Awaiting Shipment

  • Partially Shipped


Filter by order age:

  • Age

  • ≤ 1 hour

  • ≤ 12 hours

  • ≤ 24 hours

  • 24-48 hours

  • ≥ 48 hours


Filter by USPS Domestic shipping zones

Learn more about USPS shipping zones

Date Range

Filters by date range


Filters by the 50 US States and Territories.

Enter the first few letters of the state or territory and then select from the list.


Filter orders by the destination country, a single country, or multiple countries. By default, a scrollable list of all available countries is shown that shortens as the user starts to type.

Address Type

Filters by the Ship-To address classification and/or status:

  • International

  • Military

  • US Territory

  • PO Box

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Invalid Address

  • Invalid Accepted Address


Filter by order weight:

  • All

  • < 1lb

  • 1lb- 3lb

  • ≥ 3lb

  • ≥ 5lb

  • ≥ 10 lb

Stock Allocation

Filter by the allocation of stock:

  • All

  • Allocated

  • Unallocated

Only visible if Inventory Management has been enabled.

Product Category

Filters by product categories assigned to products. Select from:

  • Includes

  • Only Has (Any)

  • Excludes

Then enter the first few letters of a product category and select from the list. Up to 350 product categories can be displayed on the ORDERS page.

Product Tags

Filters by product tags assigned to products. Select from:

  • Includes

  • Only Has

  • Excludes

Then enter the first few letters of a product tag and select from the list.

Learn more about Product Tags

Custom Fields

Filters by custom fields added in ShippingEasy. Enter the first few letters of custom field data and select from the list.

Learn more about Custom Fields


Filters by Ship To recipients:

  • All

  • Duplicates

Rate Quote

FIlters by orders that received a successful rate quote:

  • All

  • With a rate quote


Filters by Amazon Prime orders.

[Learn more about enabling Prime] Amazon prim faq


Filters by order categories:

  • Green

  • Navy

  • Pink

  • Yellow

  • Uncategorized

Learn more about order categories.

Packing Slip

Filters by the status of printed packing slips:

  • All

  • Printed

  • Not Printed


Filters by order notes:

  • Customer

  • Gift

  • Internal

Learn more about adding notes to orders.

Assigned user

Filters by assigned user:

  • Automatically assigned using Shipping Rules.

  • Manually assigned from the More button.

Sales Channel

Filters by original sales channel


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