Shipment Weight | Overview

Weight is an essential component of shipping that determines which shipping services can be used and, most importantly, how much it will cost.

In ShippingEasy, three types of weight can be input into an order. They can be used separately or together to provide the weight used to calculate label costs for each shipment.

Types of weight in ShippingEasy:

Order Weight

Order weight is the total weight of an order, including all items + packaging. This weight is what determines the available shipping services and, once a service is selected, the cost of the label.

Order weights can be manually updated in the Order Details slideout using a scale or entering the weights by opening the Order Details and adjusting weight fields under Shipment. Changing the order weight from Order Details is called Order Weight Override and will update the weight for the entire shipment.

Order details slideout weight registered marked

Item Weight

Item weight is the weight of an individual item included in a shipment. This weight does not include the weight of the packaging it is shipped in. The individual item weights can be added manually in the Order Details slideout by opening the Order Details >> clicking Edit next to the item list >> updating the weight under the Weight column.


It can also be automatically populated from the product catalog if items in the shipment have been assigned weights.

Package Weight

Package weight is the weight of the package without the items included. If you are not shipping using a Flat Rate package, the package weight will factor into the cost of the label.

If you frequently ship using the same package type, you can set custom packages that have options to Add To weight or Override weight of the shipment. Learn how to set up Add To and Override Weight on custom packages.

Add To Weight

When a custom package has an Add To weight specified, that amount is automatically added to the entire shipment to accurately calculate the correct label cost. The Add To weight will not override the weight shown for the item(s) in the order.

For example: An order contains two items weighing 3oz and 7oz, respectively, bringing the total order weight to 10oz.

Then, Package A is added as the packaging, which has an Add To weight of 3oz. The additional 3oz for packaging is added by ShippingEasy to the overall weight of the shipment. However, the order weight will still show 10oz.

A note explaining the amount added from the packaging will appear beneath the weight.


Override Weight

When a custom package has an Override weight assigned to it, that weight will automatically override the order weight once that package is selected.

The order weight cannot be changed from the Order Details unless a different package is selected. 

For example: An order has a total weight of 7 lb 3 oz.

Then, custom Package B is selected and has an Override weight of 9 lbs. The order will now have a total weight of 9 lbs, which has overridden the previous total weight.

A note will appear explaining the selected packaging has overridden the Order Weight.



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