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You can see your profile information in the bottom left corner when you are logged into ShippingEasy. Click the V icon and select My profile.

Click V to the right of your name and select My Profile.

My profile holds the logged-in user's information and permissions.

My profile page numbered

You also can set certain aspects for your user. This includes:

  1. First and Last Name: The user name that is visible when logged into the app.

  2. Email: Each user has a unique email address to log into the ShippingEasy account.

  3. Change Password: This button will open the password change modal.

  4. Shipping Address: Select from the available list from your SHIP FROM ADDRESSES.

  5. Automatically Advance Ship Date After: Set a cut-off time, after which your qualifying shipments will have the following day as the ship date. Learn more about advancing the ship date.

  6. Remember Filter Settings: Enable or Disable the option to remember search and filter selections within the app.

  7. Instant Rate Purchases: Control how instant rate purchases are made from the ORDERS page. Select from either:

    • Always confirm before purchasing

    • Buy label immediately

  8. Permissions: This is view only. All permissions are enabled for the account owner. Manage the permissions for multiple user accounts.

  9. My Printer Settings: Confirm the printer settings for the user. Printers can be updated on the PRINTER CONFIGURATION page. You can also download ConnectEasy and access your credentials.


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