Amazon Buy Shipping API

Accept New Amazon Buy Shipping API Terms and Conditions

Starting Sept 1, 2022, current Amazon Buy Shipping API users will see a notification in ShippingEasy prompting acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

If you do not accept the new Terms and Conditions via the notification, access to Amazon Buy Shipping API services will be disabled. To re-enable, follow the Connect Amazon Buy Shipping to ShippingEasy steps.

ShippingEasy's integration with Amazon Buy Shipping allows you to create shipping labels for Amazon Merchant Fulfilled orders. You can import these orders from your directly connected Amazon Marketplace account or ChannelAdvisor.

Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime orders are required to be shipped using the Amazon Buy Shipping API integration.

All labels created in ShippingEasy using Amazon Buy Shipping include an additional $0.30 fee, which will be added to your monthly ShippingEasy invoice. UPDATE November 9th, 2022: To support our merchants, ShippingEasy is waiving its Amazon Buy Shipping API label fee for the 2022 holiday season!


  • If Amazon determines the selected service will not guarantee the shipment's arrival in the required time frame, Amazon will return the alert "Selected service is not compatible with other settings" and prevent you from creating the label for that order. In these cases, you will need to select a faster service.


    Give yourself enough time to pick, pack, and ship your orders!

    The last pick-up time for each shipping service will impact the availability of the shipping service when you purchase a shipping label using services from the Amazon Buy Shipping API. You may not see your preferred shipping services if the label purchase time is less than an hour from the last carrier pick-up time you defined.

  • If using ChannelAdvisor to import your Amazon orders, the Amazon Buy Shipping API integration will only function for orders imported from the Amazon store you most recently connected to ShippingEasy.

  • You cannot connect more than one Amazon Buy Shipping API account to ShippingEasy.

  • You cannot edit the recipient address for shipments using Amazon Buy Shipping API services. All labels will use the recipient address Amazon has on file for the order. If you must update the recipient address, you must log into Amazon Seller Central to make the change.

  • You cannot create multi-package shipments in ShippingEasy when using Amazon Buy Shipping API services. To create multi-package shipments, you must do so in Amazon Seller Central.

  • To use your own carrier account rates for the Amazon Buy Shipping API, you must connect your carrier accounts within Amazon's shipping portal. Review Amazon’s Seller Central help article to learn how to connect your own carrier accounts to use with the Amazon Buy Shipping API (requires you to log into Amazon Seller Central).

Amazon Buy Shipping API Requirements

  • Amazon Merchant Fulfilled orders imported from either an Amazon Marketplace or ChannelAdvisor store connected to ShippingEasy.

    If you need help connecting your Amazon store, please review our Amazon Marketplace help article.

  • Your Amazon Seller Central email address and password.

  • You must log in to Amazon and agree to terms and conditions for any shipping carrier you intend to use.

Connect Amazon Buy Shipping to ShippingEasy

To connect an Amazon Buy Shipping account to ShippingEasy:

  1. Click Connect Amazon Buy Shipping button.

  2. Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions agreement and then click Connect Account.



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