What are the ShippingEasy Paparazzi plans?

The ShippingEasy Paparazzi subscription plans are exclusive and available to Paparazzi sellers who integrate their account with ShippingEasy.

The Paparazzi plans are available when registering a new ShippingEasy account on your mobile phone and selecting Paparazzi as your store. Learn more about connecting Paparazzi to ShippingEasy.

Paparazzi Customers on Different Plan Types

Please contact our Customer Support team if you have an existing ShippingEasy account and would like to switch to a Paparazzi plan.

Available Paparazzi Plans

As a Paparazzi customer, you have two available plan types in ShippingEasy, depending on your monthly shipment needs.

  • Paparazzi paid plan: Unlimited shipments per month.

  • Paparazzi Lite (free) plan: Up to 25 shipments per month.

The Paparazzi plans are available on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page in your ShippingEasy account. Learn how to manage your subscription.

Each plan has access to the following ShippingEasy features:


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