Paparazzi Premiere

Paparazzi Premiere connects directly with ShippingEasy. Paparazzi Premiere is a popular fashion line driven by a network of fashion consultants. Paparazzi Premiere is the order management system for Paparazzi Premiere consultants. ShippingEasy helps you manage your Paparazzi Premiere orders, create shipping labels, and market to your customers.

Learn more about how you can start selling with Paparazzi Premiere.

Connect a Paparazzi Premiere Account to ShippingEasy

To connect to ShippingEasy , you must log into your Paparazzi Premiere account.

Once you are logged in to your Paparazzi Premiere account:

  1. Click on the Paparazzi Premiere menu icon icon and go to Settings.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Add next to ShippingEasy.

    Paparazzi settings page with Add highlighted
  3. Enter and confirm a password that will be used to log in.

    Enter and confirm password screen in Paparazzi
  4. Click the Sign up for ShippingEasy button.

  5. You will be brought to the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

    Empty orders page in shippingeasy

Access Important SETTINGS in ShippingEasy

The following are settings in ShippingEasy that will help you maintain your account and carrier funds so you can keep shipping seamlessly.

Log in to ShippingEasy from a Web Browser

Go to from Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, and use your email and the password you created.


Your Plan and Billing information are located in SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING.


Add money to your One Balance account to purchase labels or connect a 3rd party carrier.

Select the Add Money link to load a balance to purchase labels.

Box highlights Add Money link in UI

Additional Shipment Set-Up Settings

Syncing Paparazzi Premiere Orders

Once your Paparazzi Premiere account is connected to ShippingEasy, orders will populate on the ORDERS page after they have been paid for in Paparazzi Premiere.

In Paparazzi Premiere

  1. Go to your Orders page and select Open and All to view orders that need to be fulfilled.

    Paparazzi orders page with tags open and all selected
  2. Select the customer name to open the Edit Order screen.

    Paparazzi app with Select Customer popup showing
  3. Click Add Items to edit existing items or add new items to the order.

    Paparazzi app showing new order screen with add items highlighted
  4. You must toggle the "Ship Order" option to On and complete the payment so that the order populates in ShippingEasy.

    Paparazzi app showing new order screen with ship order and pay button highlighted

The following information for your orders is sent to ShippingEasy:

  • Recipient Name

  • Recipient Address

  • Recipient Email

  • Recipient Phone Number

  • Custom Field 1

  • Order Number

  • Order Date

  • Item Name

  • Item SKU

  • Item Cost

The order Weight and Order Notes will not sync to ShippingEasy.


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