Can I control the order that which my Shipping Rules are applied?

Yes! Shipping Rules will be applied in the sequence they appear from top to bottom. To edit this order, go to SETTINGS then SHIPPING RULES under SHIPMENT SETTINGS. Learn more about organizing rules.

You can move rules up and down using the arrow icons.

Shipping Rules page showing action arrows to organize the shipping rule order highlighted

What if two Shipping Rules specify overlapping actions?

The last Shipping Rule in the list will determine the value that gets set by ShippingEasy.

Example: You define two Shipping Rules, each with one condition.

  1. The condition on the first rule is that the order status is Awaiting Payment and the action is to set the order category to Yellow.

  2. The condition on the second rule is that the weight is greater than one pound and the action is to set the order category to Purple.

If an order comes in with an order status of Awaiting Payment and a weight of five pounds, it meets the conditions of both Shipping Rules. But it can only have one category assigned.

Assuming the second Shipping Rule is listed below the first Shipping Rule on the SHIPPING RULES SETUP page, the category for the order will be set to Purple. You can reorder the Shipping Rules by using the arrow links on the SHIPPING RULES SETUP page. Learn how to create a new Shipping Rule.


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