Quick Start: Build a Regular Campaign

Customer Marketing

All ShippingEasy users can create campaigns. Only Customer Marketing subscribers can send a campaign to their contacts. Learn how to add Customer Marketing to your subscription.

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing add-on makes communicating with your customers a cinch. Leverage a deeper understanding of contact and purchase data to target buyers. Then build email Campaigns with simple drag-and-drop tools. Each Campaign you deliver is a new opportunity to grow your business. Learn more about campaigns.

Regular Campaigns enable you to hone a message for a specific subset of your customers or prospective buyers. Generate meaningful activity by segmenting your contacts and sending content that engages them.

The marketing potential is limitless. Here are a few ways that you can use Regular Campaigns:

  • Newsletters to promote new products and current sale items

  • Low stock alerts on popular products

  • Discounts on overstocked or clearance products

  • Add-on recommendations based on purchase history

  • First-time buyer coupons for prospective buyers

  • Loyalty program for frequent buyers

Ready to build a Regular Campaign

Putting together a Regular Campaign is downright fun. You create an email template, decide which customers to target, and then send the email! Give it a little time before checking in to see how well your campaign succeeded. Then repeat these steps the next time you have something to share with your customers.

Segment your customers

Create an email campaign template

  • Select a template from our gallery or start from scratch.

  • Customize the template to target the customer segment with simple design tools.

  • Preview the template to make sure it's just right.

Send the Regular Campaign

  • Choose to send your Campaign now or schedule it for a future date.

Track the results of your Campaign


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