Customer Marketing Overview

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing feature will help you build and maintain lasting customer relationships that can increase your sales, enhance your customer's experience, and improve your reputation as a seller. This impact on your business is immeasurable.

Customer Marketing Is Not Available to All Stores

Some stores are not available to use Customer Marketing:

  • Etsy

  • Jane

  • Reverb

  • Rithum (formerly ChannelAdvisor)

  • Solid Commerce

  • TopHatter

  • Wish

Building and growing relationships with your customers are essential to the strength of your business. The ShippingEasy platform offers a sharp Customer Marketing solution to jump-start this process with customer insights, segmentation, and lifecycle analytics. These metrics will help you set up email campaigns that generate reviews, build awareness of related products, and increase repeat business.


  • Track your customers and their purchases

  • Communicate with your customers: one at a time or in bulk

  • Identify customers by geography, purchase date, purchase amount, and more

  • Group customers for targeted e-mail marketing campaigns

  • Monitor campaign success with definitive reporting

Customer Marketing also helps you provide service to your customers after a sale. Just as importantly, it also helps you identify and communicate with customers to encourage new sales, by using these features:

  • Filter your list of customers to those that meet specific criteria

  • Tag specific customers to group them

  • Send an email to one or more customers

  • Create an email campaign

  • Automate a campaign

What is a Campaign?

Campaigns are a powerful and easy-to-use tool for sending email messages to your customers. To gain access to Campaigns, subscribe to ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing add-on

Using simple drag-and-drop tools, you can create powerful email marketing Campaigns. Focus your message by basing the Campaigns on customer behavior and order history. Then use this to direct your customers' actions: drive more orders, re-activate old buyers, and turn first-time shoppers into repeat customers.

There are two different ways to design and send a Campaign: Regular and Automated

Regular Campaigns are best when you have a specific message for a distinct set of customers. They are also well suited when you want finer control over email timing. You'll define a list of specific customers and select the precise time to send the email. Use Regular Campaigns when you only need to send the email a limited number of times, such as for newsletters or when you have a seasonal promotion. Learn more about Regular Campaigns.

Automated Campaigns allow you to drip a message. Using a customer profile that you define, send messages as orders download and ship. Use Automated Campaigns when you want to continually touch your customers, such as to generate product reviews or win repeat buyers. Learn more about Automated Campaigns.

This video is a short rundown of the ShippingEasy Customer Marketing tool, which features everything from automated email to product recommendations.

Customer Marketing Pricing

Many Customer Marketing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users, which gives you a chance to explore the benefits of using this solution. Once you have had a chance to play with the tools and see the ease with which you can contact your customers, you can add email credits to your subscription.

Customer Marketing offers a number of subscription plans. Each pricing plan corresponds to an available allotment of emails you can send each month. The start of each billing cycle resets the available email credits for the month.

To subscribe, just select the plan that fits your communication needs. The price for the Customer Marketing Plan you select is in addition to your ShippingEasy Plan.

Starter Plans Can Send Up to 50,000 Emails

ShippingEasy users with Free and Paid Starter plans can only send up to 50,000 emails per month. To send more emails, upgrade to a Basic plan or higher.

Plan | Emails

Monthly Price





















You have the ability to change your Customer Marketing Plan as needed.


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