Why are my LuLaRoe orders missing the customer's address?

A LuLaRoe order will sync to ShippingEasy with the customer's address if the order has been invoiced directly in BLESS and marked as paid (Complete).

If the order was paid with a different payment method (e.g., with a check, with credit, through a giveaway, or paid with cash), the Pop-Up Address or the retailer's address will be used as the order address instead.

You can edit the order in ShippingEasy after it has synced from your LuLaRoe store to update the order address.

To update the order address:

  1. Locate the order on the ORDERS page and click anywhere on the line.

    Orders page one line item marked
  2. Click Edit next to the Recipient Address.

    Order details that show the recipient's address. Edit is marked.
  3. Edit the recipient address details as needed, then click Update Order.

    Order details edit address modal with the update Order button marked.


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