How do I export my LulaRoe customers from BLESS?

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing tool helps you identify and segment your customers. You can use Customer Marketing insights to create email marketing campaigns, track purchase history, and grow your sales - all in one spot. Learn more about ShippingEasy Customer Marketing.


Before sending marketing emails, review the terms of service on your store or platform to ensure your compliance.

To take full advantage of the Customer Marketing email tools, you must first save your customers to ShippingEasy. Below are steps for exporting your customer information from BLESS and then uploading the data to ShippingEasy.

To export your customers from BLESS:

  1. Log into BLESS and go to Sales > Complete Orders.

  2. Click the CSV button under Export Options for your Orders.



    Do not click the ShippingEasy button, as the export may exclude important information such as if the order has been paid.

  3. Open the downloaded CSV, and delete any columns that do not have text in the first row. Columns with blank headers will cause formatting problems when uploading to ShippingEasy.

    Typically, columns K and L will download with blank headers.

  4. Save the CSV. Learn more about working with CSV files.

  5. Upload the CSV to ShippingEasy. Learn how to upload a CSV file of customer information to ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing Database.


For assistance with exporting your customers, please contact BLESS support.


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