Ship Packages Heavier than 1 lb. via USPS - Priority Mail - Shipping Rules

Packages over 1 lb. cannot be shipped via USPS domestic First-Class Package Service. While a variety of services are available for these heavier shipments, USPS Priority Mail is by far the most popular for its speed and affordability.

If you have the correct weights for your SKUs on your store platform or are using our [Product Catalog] to assign weights to your SKUs (and total order weight), you can easily make this shipping selection automatic in order to process your shipments faster.

Before setting up this Shipping Rule, take a few minutes to review your [Shipping Presets] and make sure that you have one ready to assign to qualifying shipments.

  1. For example, "Priority Mail".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to Order weight Is greater than or equal to 16 ounces. [View all available conditions.]

    if the order weight is greater than or equal to
    • Order weight | Is greater than or equal to | enter "16" in the ounce field

  3. Set the "THEN" action to Set shipping preset to the corresponding USPS Priority saved preset.

    Then rule showing set shipping preset
    • Set shipping preset | select corresponding USPS Priority shipping preset


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