Insure First Class Shipments - Shipping Rules

While some USPS shipment methods automatically include insurance in their rate, it is not included in one of their most-used services: First Class packages. Setting up a shipping rule to automatically include Shipsurance on all first-class packages is a great workaround. It will eliminate time spent having to make sure your packages have coverage. Review the ShipSurance Terms of Use to avoid denial of a possible claim.

ShippingEasy cannot add other carrier insurance such as FedEx or UPS via a Shipping Rule. This can be added in the Order Details slide out once you have added a declared value for the shipment.

  1. For example, “First Class Insurance“.

  2. Set the "IF" condition to Requested service and select your logic. For example, we have chosen Is equal to. Then check the USPS (First Class Mail) and the USPS (First Class Mail International Parcels) options.

    if the requested service is equal to first class mail international
    • Requested service | Is equal to | First Class, USPS (First Class Mail International Parcels)

  3. Set the "THEN" action to Set shipment insurance based on order total.

    then set shipment insurance based on total
    • Set shipment insurance based on order total


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