Add Weight to Orders for Promotional Gifts - Shipping Rules

Who does not love getting packages in the mail, especially when expected packages contain unexpected gifts? Adding promotional gifts and materials to your shipments is a great way to announce your latest offer while sending a little extra love to your customers. Easily accommodate the extra weight this might yield in your shipments by setting up a shipping rule!

  1. For example, "Promotional gift".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to the parameters that determine if a shipment will contain an additional promotional gift.

    In this example, we will send a gift to all orders valued at over $20.

    • Order total  | Is greater than or equal to | $20

  3. Set the "THEN" action to Add to order weight and set the lbs and oz to the weight of the promotional items.  This will be added on top of the order's weight.

    then add to order weight up and down arrows
    • Add to order weight | (lbs)| (oz)


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