Print Unique Packing Slips for each Store - Shipping Rules

The primary function of a packing slip is to provide a detailed list of items to customers to ensure that their order is complete. ShippingEasy has the tools to customize the information included on a packing slip and automatically assign it to orders from specific stores. A few items you might customize to include on a store basis are:

  • Return policies

  • Branding

  • Promotions

  • Amazon Purchase Order numbers

Before you get started customizing and assigning packing slips, you need to create your packing slip templates. Once you have created a packing slip template, follow these steps.

  1. For example, "Packing Slip for Candlestone Golf".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to look for the specific store you want to create packing slips for.

    if store is equal to Candlestone Golf
    • Store | Is equal to | Store Name

  3. Set the "THEN" action to the custom packing slip using the Set final packing slip template. This condition prevents the overriding of that packing slip by any subsequent shipping rule.

    then set final packing slip template to Candlestone Golf
    • Set final packing slip template | Packing Slip Name


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