Print a Special Packing Slip for Gift Orders - Shipping Rules

ShippingEasy's default packing slips can easily be customized based on the type of package you are shipping. For gift orders, you can omit pricing information or add extra text for special messages by creating a custom packing slip template. Then, Shipping Rules can be used to make sure this custom packing slip is printed for your gift orders.

To begin, [create a packing slip template for your gift orders. ]

Once that has been saved, you are ready to set up the Shipping Rule!

  1. For example, "Gift Packing Slip".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to look for the gift orders you want to create packing slips for.

    if the order is a gift is true
    • Order is gift | Is true

  3. Set the "THEN" action to Set final packing slip template. This condition prevents the overriding of that packing slip by any subsequent shipping rule. In this example, we called our custom template "Gift Packing Slip". Be sure to select the template you created.

    then set final packing slip template to the gift packing slip
    • Set final packing slip template | Gift Packing Slip


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