Fully Insure Orders over a Minimum Value per Requested Service - Shipping Rules

For high-value items, you may find that carrier insurance is not enough to fully insure your packages. For instance, USPS Priority Mail, as well as many UPS and FedEx services include $100 in coverage against loss or damage. This is great - but could leave you under-protected for your higher-value shipments. Review the ShipSurance Terms of Use to avoid denial of a possible claim.

When you know that you want to fully insure all your domestic and/or international shipments when over a minimum value, SHIPMENT INSURANCE defaults are the simplest solution.

Yet, sometimes you may find that you only want to add extra coverage to certain types of orders. For instance, you may only want to fully insure orders containing specific SKUs, those placed through a specific store, or any shipping via a specific service. That is when Shipping Rules can help.

In this guide, we will set up Shipping Rules to fully insure our Priority Mail orders over $100 to their full value.

  1. For example, "Insure Priority Mail Express"

  2. Set the "IF" condition.

    In our example, we want the rule to only apply to orders that are over $100, and only when the customer requests "Priority Mail Express". However, you could select any Order total or Requested service.

    if the order total is greater than
    • Order total | Is greater than | (specify value)

    if the requested service is equal to
    • Requested service | Is equal to | (specify value)

  3. Set the "THEN" action.

    In our example, we know that any order which meets the conditions will be shipped via Priority Mail Express and needs to be fully insured. So, we will be applying an "Expedited" Shipping Preset as well as insurance settings.

    then set shipping preset expedited
    • Set shipping preset | (specify Shipping Preset)

    then set shipment insurance based on total
    • Set shipment insurance based on order total


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