Categorize Orders Containing Specific Products - Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules are an option to automate the handling of your orders, ensuring that your preferences are applied regardless of who is shipping your orders.

One of the best uses of Shipping Rules is the automatic tagging or color-coding of your orders with [Order Categories.] A wide range of conditions could be used to apply a category, from the item description to product SKU or Product Category. These categories can then be used to quickly batch orders from the ORDERS page.

In this example, we sell shoes. We have a variety of shoes and different styles fit better into different boxes. The [Product Catalog] and [Product Categories] help us group SKUs by similar styles. By organizing our products into categories, we are able to use this as a condition to automatically color-code our orders based on the type of shoe that's been ordered. With this information, we can quickly batch orders based on the box type that we will use.

Use this rule as a launching point to customize the IF conditions based on your specific products and store configuration:

  1. For example, "Category - Sneaker Box".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to the variable(s) that define when a specific category should be applied to an order.

    Remember, we use product categories to classify our shoes and one pair of shoes fits in a box.  So, we will use Product category and Total quantity as the condition to assign the Order Category.

    if product category and total quantity
    • Product category | Is equal to | Sneakers

    • Total quantity | Is equal to | 1

  3. Set the "THEN" action to:

    then assign to a category sneaker box
    • Assign to a category | Sneaker Box


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