Assign Third Party Billing to Shipments - Shipping Rules

For shippers that frequently utilize drop-shipping, billing a third party account allows you to take advantage of steeper discounts available for larger shipments. Get started by [setting up third-party billing] on your UPS, FedEx, or DHL carrier accounts to make them available for shipments on the READY TO SHIP page.


Third-Party Billing for UPS is not available for UPS from One Balance accounts.

Once you have input your Third-Party billing information, you need to [set up a Shipping Preset] to pair it with. Shipping Presets is a time-saving feature that automatically fills in your most commonly used carrier and package services on the READY TO SHIP page. For Shipping Presets used for Third-Party billing, it is not necessary to set a specific package - unless you know for certain you will be shipping in that package every time.

You can streamline your billing even more by setting up a shipping rule that automatically applies your saved accounts to specified orders. Before you set a Third Party billing rule, make sure:

  1. [A Third-Party billing account has been saved.]

  2. [A Shipping Preset for that postage account has been set.]

  1. For example, "Bill to 3rd party account".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to correspond to the order status that you want to be billed to a third party. View all conditions available for setting Shipping Rules. In this example, we are using a requested service to trigger a third party be billed:

    if the requested service is equal to
    • Requested Service | Is equal to | USPS Priority Mail Express

  3. ShippingEasy bills third-party accounts based on the carrier attached to them. You will need to set two THEN actions, the first one for the Shipping Preset and the second for the Third-Party billing:

    then set shipping preset to priority mail package and saved the third party billing
    • Set shipping preset | Priority Mail Package

    • Set saved third party billing | Jack Ship II


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