Assign Orders to a User - Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules are an option to automate the handling of your orders, ensuring that your operation runs efficiently. If you have multiple user logins, you can use Shipping Rules to automatically assign orders to specific users.

This rule also applies to the Buy Label and Quick Ship options on the ORDERS Page. The assigned user's specific shipment settings such as Ship From Address and Date Advance will be applied to rate quotes and shipments to ensure that correct ship from address and label dates are applied.

No more [assigning orders to specific users one-by-one] or errors resulting from multiple users trying to process the same shipment. Just set it up once and spend even less time shipping:

  1. For example, "Assign orders to Jack Ship".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to the variable that defines which user will be processing the shipments. [View all available conditions.]

    In this example, we have multiple stores integrated with ShippingEasy and Jack Ship handles all the manually entered orders.  So, we will use the Store as the condition to assign the user.

    If store is equal to Manual Orders
    • Store | Is equal to | Manual Orders

  3. Set the "THEN" action to assign the user from the corresponding drop-downs.

    then assign to a user Jack Ship
    • Assign to a user | Jack Ship


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