Assign Carrier Service to Shipments based on Products - Shipping Rules

There are many times when you need to use a specific carrier service due to the product that you're shipping. Perhaps you offer free shipping for certain items and you want to select a less costly method. Maybe some of your inventory is perishable and you need to be sure to use an expedited service. In situations like these, you can use Shipping Rules to automatically assign a Shipping Preset based on which products your orders contain.

Before you create this Shipping Rule, you'll need to make sure that you have the following settings setup:

  • Shipping Preset: saved configuration of package and service types. [Learn how to create a Shipping Preset.]

  • Product Catalog: a comprehensive list, or database, of the products you sell. [Learn more about adding products to your Product Catalog.]

  • Product Categories: a way to group individual SKUs under a "master sku", allowing you to apply actions to a group of SKUs. [Learn more about creating Product Categories.]

In this example, we sell food, including fresh baked cookies. We have a variety of cookies, each with a different SKU. We've added each SKU to our Product Catalog and created a Product Category, "Cookies", to group them together. Since we want our customers to receive them at peak freshness, we need to use our "Expedited" Shipping Preset

Use this rule as a launching point to customize the IF conditions based on your specific products and store configuration:

  1. For example, "Perishable - Expedited Shipping".

  2. Set the "IF" condition to the variable(s) that define when a specific category should be applied to an order.

    Remember, we use the Product category to classify our cookies.

    if product category is equal to cookies
    • Product category | Is equal to | Cookies

  3. Set the "THEN" action to apply the Shipping Preset that fits the conditions.

    Remember, we need to ship these fast, using our "Expedited" Shipping Preset.

    then set shipping preset expedited
    • Set shipping preset | Expedited


    You can also categorize these with Order Categories to make it easy to filter for them on the ORDERS page. [Learn more about Order Categories.]


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